I am a Canadian nature photographer and entomology masterís student. I completed a B.Sc. in biology at the University of Northern British Columbia in 2012. Prior to my biology career, I attended the Art Institute of Vancouver-Burnaby and worked as a web developer in Vancouver, British Columbia. Driven by a long-lived interest in the natural sciences, an increasing awareness of human-induced ecological damage, and a desire to work outdoors, I decided to leave the IT industry to pursue a career in biology. My current focus is on entomology, although I also have career interests in conservation biology and astrobiology.

I dabble in all facets of nature photography: landscape, wildlife, macro, and natural detail. I tend to use only moderate post-processing (dodging, burning, dust spot removal, sharpening, and color correction), although the specifics change with my intentions for the image. While I may occasionally make multiple-exposure composites (such as through HDR or focus stacking techniques), I do not mix elements from different scenes. I aim to produce photographs which are true to the scene or subject they portray.

Aside from photography, my interests include hiking, camping, ecology, conservation biology, entomology, astronomy, astrobiology, SETI, electronics, and computer programming.

My online résumé is available in my LinkedIn profile.


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